Strategy Design and Implementation that Really Works

Our process dives into your organization's resources, capabilities and competencies to develop an executable plan.

Does this sound familiar? It is time to start the Strategic Planning cycle. This process will take several months to develop and the end result is supposed to be our new Strategy. A communication plan will be put in place and if all goes well everyone will be on board.

Unfortunately, no one in the organization really cares what is in the "PLAN" because they are too busy doing whatever they think is "right" not what the company executives think should be done.

The reason this sounds familiar is because it happens all of the time at organizations around the world. Many organizations simply can’t separate tactical moves from a true strategy that drives the organization.

The problem is that most organizations are not effective or efficient in defining what truly separates them from their competitors AND they don’t effectively engage the entire company in implementing the strategy. Without both elements, a company is left with something that is labeled strategy that the employees see as irrelevant with an implementation effort that dies at the first staff meeting.

This needs to change. There is no secret to the design and implementation of real strategy. It is both a process and an art.

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Bamford Associates, LLC works with organizations to identify and focus on true competitive advantages. We focus on developing strategy maps for organizations such that everyone in the company knows exactly where they should focus their efforts.

One of the most important processes in Strategy Development is to separate what the organization does into two elements: Conventional Operations and Operations where the organization is truly exceptional. Aligning everyone in the organization creates a situation where thousands of small actions allow an organization to cross the tipping point and become extraordinary.

This whole process is crafted around a centerpiece retreat. These are typically either held in-person 3 (5-hour) days or virtually 4 (3.5-hour) days. More than ever organizations need to focus on what really matters AND get every employee focused on those few things.

Our process dives into your organization's competitors, resources, capabilities and competencies to develop an executable plan.

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