Chuck works with organization teams to address the specific issues of Strategy Design and Implementation in order to focus the time, money and management fire-power of the organization on those areas that provide true competitive advantages. Dr. Bamford utilizes his extensive business experience, a strong reputation as an author and expert in the field, and his measurable, results oriented methodology to deliver results for organizations.

Why It Works

  • Developer of the Practical Strategy Approach
  • Work directly with Dr. Bamford, not a team of junior consultants
  • Full-circle, proven approach grounded in research & practice
  • We are "process experts" (and there is a process) – clients are the content experts

How It Works

  • Define & analyze the customer groups & competitors
    • Define those elements of the business that are holding the organization back
    • What are the top 2 'table stakes' parts of the business that need immediate effort?
  • Identify those elements of the business that provide unique advantage (current and potential)
    • What do you want customers to say about your competitive advantages?
  • Develop a strategy map / project plans / metrics / cadence
  • Design metrics that will be used to track the success of the strategy implementation
  • Who is the perfect customer for your competitive advantages?
  • Guide the implementation effort throughout the organization
    • Develop project plan

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