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10 Books That Will Transform How You Think About Growing Your Business

This is a practical guide to applying battle-tested approaches to corporate strategy. It outlines well-researched but actionable tactics to increase the likelihood of business growth.

While a lot of strategic thinking may be 'art,' there is a lot of 'science' that can be learned. This book isn't about concepts, it's about application in the real world. It’s a ‘no bull’ approach to strategy. And it doesn’t hurt that the author has a Notre Dame connection. Go Irish! – (Griffin Eaton, Business Development Manager - more here)

This one from Dr. Chuck Bamford is probably the most succinct playbook I’ve read on building and executing strategy.

The book is quite short but in a good way. It cuts through all the crap and myths about business strategy and crystalizes it down some absolute truths. Unlike some strategy books that give you some hints but leave you hanging, this one gives a very precise framework you can easily implement in your own business. If you like reading about business strategy, I’d recommend starting here. – (“The Four Best Business Books I’ve Read this Year” - more here)

Did Someone Say Competitive Advantage? A Great New Book on Strategy.

I have been waiting for Dr. Chuck to create this volume for some time now. The author is a straight talker. I don’t often make endorsements, but I cannot speak highly enough of this book. You need to acquire a copy of The Strategy Mindset by Dr. Chuck Bamford today! – (more here) Reviews

2 Hours Well Spent

A very good overview of strategy laid out in an easy to read format. This book is a 2 hour read that is a great synopsis of a full semester's worth of studying at leading EMBA programs. Required reading for any manager or executive.

Had a Great Impact on Me and Put a New Perspective on Business.

What a relief to read something that is not the same book with a different cover. Right out of the gate Dr. Bamford provokes thought while challenging traditional beliefs and systems that have been put into place many years ago and really have no bearing on evaluating a business. Chapter 4, although relatively short, had a great impact on me and put a new perspective on my business. He has created an understanding of standard items vs. exceptional items in your business and where and when to apply them.

This is a great book and I highly recommend anyone to read it, even if you do not own a business.

Excellent strategy book.

Dr. Bamford replaces existing myths of corporate strategy with alternatives along with tool kits to apply strategy more thoughtfully. Super quick read that will be added to my regular go-to business books.

I am on my second read of the book because of the many hidden insights!

In writing this book Chuck has brought the runaway train that strategy had become, to a screeching halt and put it back on the right tracks!

Dr. Bamford makes a strong case for the need for a well-thought out AND well-implemented strategy.

One which begins by examining what their CUSTOMERS (particularly what he identifies as their "perfect customers") want and value, and then describes how their company can compete against the competition in ways that make sense. At around 115 pages, this is not an academic text, and that was intentional so as to not bog the reader down with complex jargon and formulas. At best, this could be the book that opens your eyes to developing a winning corporate strategy. At the very least, it will give you insights into developing such a strategy and ensure you hire the right consultants to guide you through the process.

No Nonsense Book

Great no nonsense book on the basics of strategy.

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